Weil Knee Walker: Non-Weightbearing Tool After Surgery

Certain below the knee conditions may require surgery. After any below the knee surgery, non-weightbearing is required. The weil knee walker is a non-weightbearing walking tool after surgery. Orthopedic specialists frequently recommend non-weightbearing after any below the knee surgery. Non-weightbearing is defined as the restrictions placed on the injured part after surgery. Non-weightbearing means zero […]

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8 Justifications to Buy the Weil Knee Walker


Individuals who are recuperating from below-the-knee injury are prescribed with knee walkers. Injuries below the knee can be due to diabetic wound, torn Achilles’ tendon, ulcer, strain, sprain, fracture or amputation of the lower leg or foot. Health care professionals prescribe the weil knee walker because of the following reasons: 1. Risk of Falling is […]

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