Cane Versus Bariatric Walker


Mobility aids, such as the bariatric walker and cane, are used by millions of Americans. Close to 1.4 million Americans used walkers – such as the bariatric walker; while 3.1 million used canes, this according to the 2000 data of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. The bariatric walker and cane are prescribed […]

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Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker:


Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker provides you the best combination of comfort and convenience combined with an unmatchable sense of security and stability. The Nitro Euro style rollator frame is made of light weight aluminium, this makes it very mobile and adaptable to any situation, but also durable enough to withstand 300 lbs. The Nitro Euro […]

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Electric Mobility Scooters

There are numerous medical conditions like arthritis that can limit the mobility of an individual. Apart from that, an accident or injury such as ACL tear, knee surgery, hip surgery, knee replacement or hip replacement, ankle or foot injury can limit a person’s mobility. Age is also a factor that can limit or completely disrupt […]

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Handicap Scooters


Handicap Scooters Power scooters, also known as Handicap scooters, provide a reliable and convenient mobility alternative for the handicapped to reclaim their mobility. Handicap scooters are quiet, durable, reliable, super easy to use and offer a smooth ride. Handicap scooters are an expression of style and personal taste. This gives handicapped people extra confidence and […]

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