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Triaxe Sport Foldable Scooter


Triaxe Sport Foldable Scooter


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“The Triaxe Sport is a unique and original portable folding scooter that has an amazing 35 mile range on a single charge and can go up to 12 mph with the standard Lithium Ion Battery.

With the optional Travel Battery the Triaxe Sport is within TSA guidelines for airline travel with a range up to 18 miles. No other airline approved scooter has that distance or performance. Pair that with the soft case travel bag and you are ready to go.

It is the ultimate portable unit that combines controlled speed and superb distance. The total weight of the Triaxe is only 55lbs and it can hold a capacity of 350lbs.

Being a 3 wheel scooter the Triaxe Sport has exceptional turning radius so handling this unit in tight spaces is simple and easy.

The Triaxe Sport has a pull out luggage rack and LED front headlight. It offers front wheel drive and has adjustable handlebars. The Triaxe Sport comes with rear disk brakes and a main parking brake as standard. The comfortable cushioned seat is 13 inches wide with an optional 18 inch seat available.”

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