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LiftWalker™ with Retractable Stand Assist Bars and 5″ Wheels


LiftWalker™ with Retractable Stand Assist Bars and 5″ Wheels


Promotes Dignity, Independence and Prevents Falls The Lift Walker with Retractable Stand and Assist Bars is a multi-purpose mobility aid like no other. Welcomed by users and caregivers alike, this walker not only helps those who require assistance moving about, but it also aids users by helping them to stand and sit without the assistance of a third party.This medical aid is one that can support a user and provide them with a measure of independence, as well as the added emotional benefit that ultimately arises when someone who is physically challenged manages to achieve a measure of independence in their daily life that benefits and boosts self-esteem.Measurable improvements in the quality of life, is what makes the Lift Walker with Retractable Stand and Assist Bars a truly unique and special mobility aid you'll not want to miss out on.This favorite of Drive Medical provides all the support a user needs during any sit to stand transfer. Uniquely equipped with two retractable poles that function as a stand assist aid, this lift walker functions as a reliable safety aid for care givers, while ensuring safety and independence for the patient.Studies overwhelmingly show that the effects of manual lifting can oftentimes result in injuries to both a caregiver and the patient. So by utilizing the Lift Walker, a patient can easily pull themself up by simply grasping both poles while the caregiver steadies the walker.At the end of the day, Drive Medical's Lift Walker with Retractable Stand and Assist Bars is an effective and dynamic adaptive device that allows users to remain as independent as possible, while also giving them a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience a greater quality of life by promoting dignity, stimulation and independence. Go ahead…Experience the Drive Difference Now!

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“LiftWalker™ will provide convenient, safe, assisted independence anywhere, anytime it’s needed.
For use by individuals who need assistance with sitting/standing on their own.
Safer than being pulled by an attendant or caregiver.
Reduces risk of injury to an attendant or caregiver.
The retractable stand assist bars are easy-to-deploy. (Patented)
The LiftWalker™ makes it easy-to-stand because the individual uses biceps, chest, back, stomach and leg muscles all at once. (Figure A – C)
Easy-to-lock/unlock foot brake.”


“Width: 17″” inside hand grip | 21″” inside back legs
Overall Width: 26″”
Depth (Opened at Base): 21″”
Height: 32.5″” – 38.5″”
Weight: 11 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.
Weight Limit: 300 lbs.
Warranty: Limited Lifetime”


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