Go Green With Electric Mobility Scooters


In the past decade, there has been an increase of demand for electric mobility scooters.

Electric mobility scooters are mobility aids for those with walking impairments. The electricity which is stored on the rechargeable batteries powers the electric mobility scooters.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) categorizes electric mobility scooters as “other power-driven mobility device” (OPDMD). Under the law, establishments are required to allow users of electric mobility scooters into their facilities, unless a particular type of device cannot be accommodated because of legitimate safety reasons.

Benefits of Using Electric Mobility Scooters
Here are the top 7 reasons why the demand of electric mobility scooters is on the rise:
1. Low carbon footprint
Provided that electricity does not come from fossil fuels, these assistive devices have low carbon footprint.

2. Less impact on air and noise quality
This assistive technology has less local impact on air quality and noise levels.

3. Travel greater distances
People with walking difficulties can travel greater distances with this assistive device. The Prowler 4-Wheel Heavy Duty electric mobility scooters , in particular, has a maximum cruising range of 7 miles per hour. This mobility vehicle can travel up to 23 miles.

4. Increase independence
A study by Löfqvist et al. showed that this assistive technology increased mobility independence.

5. Increase social participation
Studies from Löfqvist et al. and May et al. showed that electric-powered scooters increased social participation. The May et al. study found that scooter users used this device for visiting family and friends. This assistive technology is also used for getting to and from shops, the May study found.

6. Safe to use
Most scooters come with safety features such as anti-tip wheels, rearview mirrors, a headlight and turn signals.

7. Sleek design
Scooters have come a long way from the shadow of wheelchairs. Unlike the wheelchairs which are still shunned by society, scooters are welcomed. This acceptance is mainly due to the sleek and modern design of this device.

Physical Requirements
In order to safety use this equipment, a user must have the following capabilities:
-Can walk independently even for short distance;
-Can sit down and stand up from a chair;
-Good arms and hands; and
-Good upper body strength.


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