Airplane Travel With a Knee Scooter: What You Should Know


Travelling with a knee scooter is a better option when compared to requesting for a wheelchair at airports or carrying a cane. It enables you to rest injured leg or foot comfortably without exerting unnecessary strain.

Make it a point to do some research before booking tickets. Read the airline or cruise policy regarding a knee scooter and then only make travel plans.

Most airlines do not have any reservations about passengers carrying a knee scooter onboard in Florida or any part of the world. But it is advisable to keep them informed beforehand.

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1. A traveler with a knee scooter should always request for a bulk head seat to take advantage of the extra room for legs. Exit row seats are not recommended as the traveler will not be able to get up to let others pass.


2. A window seat will have the same problem as the exit row seats and are not therefore recommended for those using a knee scooter; an aisle seat will be much more comfortable.



3. A visit to the washroom should be planned before boarding the plane. It will naturally be difficult for a patient to maneuver in the washroom while he or she is recovering from an injury or surgery.


4. When travelling with a knee scooter in Florida or elsewhere, be sure to call the airline beforehand and inform them of your special necessity. Rules and regulations of airlines keep changing; it is advisable to call & confirm every time. The employee at the check-in counter may or may not be aware of related rules and regulations.


5. Knee scooters available in Florida and other states come in compact designs that fit easily in the aisle space of most planes. To avoid getting hassled, a traveler should try and be early at the security gate. The airline employees can then let him in during the pre-boarding session.


6. Similarly, travelers with a knee scooter need to keep their calm and wait till everyone has de-boarded the plane.


7. To enable security personnel to scan the scooter, always fold it right in front of the officials. The flight crew can also be requested to store the folded scooter in the first class cabin or with the children prams.



8. Do not let the airlines store the scooter with rest of the baggage, as it will then be claimed only with the rest of the baggage. Rough handling by the baggage crew may result in damages.


9. Feedback from fellow travelers has revealed that a bungee cord comes very handy in holding the walker together. A walker with a folding seat is a better option than the one without it.

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