12 Bases for Buying Phoenix Scooters


Phoenix ScootersThere are two types of phoenix scooters by Drive Medical that are available in the market today: the 4 wheel phoenix scooters and the 3 wheel phoenix scooters.

Both of these two models of phoenix scooters provide independent mobility indoor and outdoor to users. Cruising around town is now convenient and comfortable with these two models of phoenix scooters.

The 3-wheel design specifically allows users to easily get around indoor obstacles. The 3 wheel version, therefore, is ideal to maneuver in tight spaces. The 4-wheel design, meanwhile, offers superior stability on rough outdoor terrain.

Here are the 12 bases for buying phoenix scooters, whether the 4 wheel or the 3 wheel version:

  1. Mileage and Speed

These two phoenix scooters have a maximum 4 mph speed and a maximum 15-mile maximum cruising range.

  1. Adaptable Angle Tiller

The adaptable angle tiller features an auto-straightening component that enables users to place the controller in the most comfortable driving position.

  1. Tip-Free Wheels

Tipping over are stopped by phoenix scooters as these devices have anti-tip wheels.

  1. Detachable Battery Pack

The battery pack of these wheeled devices can be quickly detached and charged independently.

  1. Adaptable Width Arms and Seat

The arms width and the seat of the phoenix scooters can be modified to match the height of the users.

  1. Finger-Pull Throttle

The ergonomic, also known as “Finger-Pull”, throttle allows those with limited dexterity and strength to operate this mobility aid.


For enhanced safety, this mobility solution is equipped with headlights.

8.Exchangeable Color Panels

The 4-wheel and 3-wheel models are available with two sets of interchangeable color panels: red and blue.

  1. Big Front Basket

Personal stuff and even groceries can be transported with this wheeled mobility support as this come with a huge front basket.

  1. Easy to Disassemble

In four quick steps, the phoenix scooters can easily be disassembled.

  1. Adjustable Seat

The seat of this equipment can be completely folded flat, a convenient feature for transporting and storage.

  1. Anti-Flat Tires

The solid, non-marking and flat-free tires of the phoenix scooters make cruising around town safe and worry-free.

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