10 Benefits of Using a Knee Walker


Knee WalkerThe knee walker, also known as orthopedic or knee scooter,is the perfect mobility aid to support those with weak or injured lower limb.

This assistive technology has a basic frame, handlebar, cushion, two front wheels and two rear wheels.The knee walker can easily be steered through the use of the handlebar. The cushion is where the injured knee is comfortably placed. In order to propel oneself through this equipment, the good leg is used.

Here are the top 10 reasons why the knee walker is prescribed by health care professionals:

1.Rehabilitation Potential

The knee walker is useful for the recovery of patients with foot and ankle injuries who must remain non weight bearing.

2.Alternative to Bed Rest or Contact Plasters

The knee walker has been effectively used in the treatment of diabetic plantar ulcers patients as an alternative to contact plasters or bed rest.

3.Alternative to Crutches

Crutches are not user friendly. Users of crutches are easily tired due to the energy spent. Crutches users also experience soreness of their hands, armpit and chest wall. They also have limited use of their hands.

4.Energy-Saving Aid

The knee walker saves the energy of the user as less energy is spent when using this device.

5.Greater Freedom

Especially on level smooth surfaces, the knee walker gives the user greater freedom.

6.Frees the Hand

Unlike the crutches where users have limited use of their hands, knee walker frees the hands. One hand can be used to steer the handbar, while the other hand can be used for other purposes.

7.Reduce Work

A study by Paul Roberts and Susan Carnes showed that both the perceived and actual work of walking are significantly reduced using the knee walker.

8.Foot is Elevated

With the knee walker, the weak or injured foot is elevated, thereby safeguarding it from accidental bumps.

9.Body Weight is Distributed

The knee walker distributes the weight of the body through both legs.

10.Preservation of Bone and Muscle

With the knee walker, the muscles near the injured leg are significantly used which aid in preserving the bone strength and muscle bulk.


2 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Using a Knee Walker

  1. I know it’s a fix for a medical problem, but I actually get jealous of people on knee walkers. They zip around like it’s a skateboard and it looks like so much fun! The next time I get a leg injury I will definitely be getting one of these! Great post!

  2. I think the main benefit of a knee walker is that you can get around faster and not have to use your hands just to stay up! Also, like you mentioned, the fact that you can keep your foot away from other people’s feet is really important! Crutches bum me out, but the nice thing about them is that you can get to more places easily. Like over a small section of gravel or stairs, a knee walker is useless. Are there any all terrain knee walkers out there that are more durable?

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